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Our Special Features

1. Professional Photographer and Advanced Equipment, Made in Swiss, for Your Special Portrait!
A professional photographer, who has worked with several celebrities of Korea including Actor Cha Seung-Won, and INFINITE (idol group), will be in charge of every process from shooting to correction.
For the lightening, we use the world’s best broncolor lightning, frequently used for editorial shooting. We also use the photo correction program, developed by Cinderella Photo Studio, to finish your portraits just as film poster.

2. Special event to be enjoyed together with your family, lover, or friends, with a variety of props, costumes, and professional hair and makeup services.
We have separate facilities for makeup, dressing, props, and studios as well as about 300 costumes and props under 6 themes of traditional hanbok, hwanjinee, queen, royal costume, wedding dress, mini dress, party dress, and school uniforms.
Come and have a complete transformation.
You can be a star of the day, and have the most beautiful memory of your life.

3.With know-how and experiences in editorial shooting for more than 10 years, we can capture the most beautiful moment of your life under various concepts. We offer various programs, including friendship photos, family photos, couple photos, personal profile, and semi nude. We can offer the high quality photos for your important event as well, including for passport and resume.


June 30, 1983 Runner up for the photo contest sponsored by the Environmental Preservation Association
July 30, 1983 Runner up and award for the ’83 National Photography Competition Award
August 15, 1983 Award from the Children’s Grand Prize sponsored by Korea Children’s Culture and Arts Association
March 20, 1984 Award from the Winter Photographic Contest hosted by the Photographer Association
March 31, 1984 Award from the ’84 Monthly Photographer
June 25, 1985 Grand Award from the Seoul Institute of Arts for the best creativity
March 10, 1986 TIME SPACE Slide Library Agreement
Majored in Photography, the Seoul Institute of Arts. Started the Cinderella Studio, Seoul, Korea
(Broadcasted in TV-20 times including VJ commando, topic concentration, etc.)

Work Experience

November 1, 1988 – November 30, 1990

Worked for Panworld Studio (editorial shooting and catalogue shooting)

Clients: Lee, Intomejo, TRY, Zaki, New-nira, Levo,Ggoggine,

Barney Joey, Wellness, Happiness Furniture & Bed, Muju Resort Ski Resort

Aerial shooting and event shooting, music life magazine shooting

January 1, 1991

Worked for DM Art Studio

Shooting for Guidebooks, Flyers and Catalogs for Hyundai Department Store, Incheon Department Store, and Shinsung Shopping Tower

June 1, 1992 to July 30, 1993

Worked for Her Studio

Shooting for the album covers and catalogs for Zigu Records

August 1, 1993 to December 30, 1995

Worked for Image Line Studio (newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, wide color)

Editorial Shooting for fashion magazines, Motorola, House Full of Happiness

January 4, 1996 – August 30, 1998

Worked for Comma Studio (Fashion and Product Catalog)

Clients: Audashe, Hulten, Jisen, Heoyoung Hanbok, Namdaemun Fashion, Joinus, Guam Overseas shooting

Ulsan Juri One department store flyer and guidebook, Busan Taehwa shopping, 019 appeal PCS newspaper advertisement shooting.

▶ Current

CINDERELLA STUDIO (Aired in various media for 20 times, VJ commando, topic concentration, entertainment artist relay, etc.)


Cascade Wide Color, Kickle Magazine Ads, and Cellphone Magazine Ads and Catalogs

Drama “marching” Europe backpacking still shoot and magazine advertising shoot,

Traveling in Europe? Shooting in Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence): Ahn Jae Mo, Kim Jung Eun …

Celebrity Photography – Ahn Jae Mo, Kim Jung Eun, Kang Sung Yeon, Yoon Dae Hoon, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hess Suh,

Ahn Jae Wook, Hgoo Eun, Anja Bung, Fly to the Sky, Hong Seo Beom, Dong Kyu Lee, Kang Doo Kim, Dae Hyun, Ryu Dae Jun …

Celebrity Photography

Ahn Jae Mo, Kim Jung Eun – Sitcom Drama “Marching” Still Shooting in Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence)

Kang Sung Yeon – editorial shooting for Cascade

Yoon Dahoon – pizza advertising poster shooting

Ha Jj Won – movie still shooting

Kim Hye Soo – Busan Taehwa Department Store flyer and guidebook (2 years)

Jung Bo Seok, Cha Seung Won – Men’s Fashion Catalog

Ahn Jae Wook – Editorial Shooting for Handphone Magazine and Shooting for Subway Wide Color

Han Go Eun – Women’s fashion editorial shooting

An Uh Bung -Shopping mall advertisement shooting

Hwang Seo-beom – Leaflet shooting

Gang Du – Japan magazine coverage (KOREA MAX)

President Noh Moo-Hyun – PR flyers and posters for the election

President Doruko – CEO profile

In addition, portraits of a number of representatives of companies

TV broadcasting materials

[Japan Broadcasting]

  • West Japan TV
  • MBC live broadcast Focus
  • KBS KBS News
  • KBS VJ Commando
  • SBS Start Morning Wide
  • Surprise information, ah!

[Nudity Broadcasting]

  • Q Channel Focus on Eve’s topic
  • MBC live broadcast Focus
  • Live TV Today
  • YTN information scoop
  • KBS World Morning

[Korea Broadcasting]

  • KBS Vivid Information
  • YTN Kang Joo-hee’s music shake
  • KBS Nam Hee-suk & Choi Eun-kyung’s Yeoyumanman
  • SBS Good to be Women
  • KBS Talk Talk Evening
  • KBS entertainment